How do you create an unique marketing campaign for a quirky Netflix series? You call in the wildly creative team at Deeplocal

Deeplocal is a Pittsburgh-based agency and innovation studio that’s known for inventing products and creating buzz-worthy customer experiences. When they asked us to help give fans of “Stranger Things” a special Halloween treat, we couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

In this “Doorbell” campaign, DIY enthusiasts can build a real-life doorbell which plays the Stranger Things theme and tells trick-or-treaters to grab their own candy while they watch Netflix uninterrupted. To create the soundtrack for this ad, we brought in classic Halloween sounds – werewolves, bugs at night, low frequency doom – and weaved in the iconic music and sounds from the series.

Most notably, you’ll notice the sound of lightbulbs throughout the spot— an important element of the show itself. We rebuilt the sound from the ground up until we nailed the perfect mix of sizzle, shaken filament and electronic charge. Lightbulbs have never sounded more ominous… or fun!