Sometimes there’s a project so undefinable that it’s in a genre all its own. This piece by Animal out of Pittsburgh is just that. “Voices” is a seamless blend of cinematic drama, experimentation and traditional storytelling that is woven together to create a new style of branded content. Its uniqueness isn’t a distraction but instead adds to its power and emotional impact.

Our goal with this project was to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. At times, you can’t even tell who’s talking—something we achieved by adding voice effects and panning to the dialogue. At Defacto, camera moves, shot framing and the color of the film all affect our sound design approach. For “Voices,” we carefully built layers of sound to add a level of audible grit and style that matched the mood, color and shooting style of the picture.

A project like this can only be achieved with complete collaboration. The incredible director Danny Yord assembled a top-notch team to execute his vision. We worked closely with editor Mike LaHood from the start of editing, sharing Defacto-recommended sound effects for him to integrate into his early cuts. The editor is truly the heartbeat of pacing and tone and being able to work together early in the process really allowed the project to propel to the next level.