Fallout 4 

Bethesda Game Studios

Prepare to be transported to a post-nuclear alternate retro-future with this live action trailer for Fallout 4.

What starts out as an oddly comforting scene – white picket fences, wing-tipped sedans and the everyday levitating chore-handling robot – quickly gives way to a nuclear blast which destroys the world as we know it. Here in our new reality, irradiated creatures and factions rule.

A larger-than-life game deserves larger-than-life sound design, so we jumped at the chance to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We had a few goals to guide our way:

Goal 1: Appeal to superfans by featuring the established gameplay soundscape

Goal 2: Embrace the artistic quirkiness of the creative sonically

Goal 3: Use a 5.1 mix to surround the audience and draw them into the story

Goal 4: Ratchet up the excitement with sound design to make this live-action rendering feel larger than life while making sure the “Wanderer” music drives the edit

For this project, Defacto was excited to collaborate with gnet in Los Angeles for this main trailer, as well as dozens of broadcast and international versions. Gnet has dead-on creative chops and a track record for producing some seriously buzz-worthy trailers. We think you’ll agree this trailer for Fallout 4 is no exception.