Defacto Sound is an award-winning sound design studio that serves networks, brands, films, and games. We specialize in fresh, relevant, story-focused sound for all things visual.

We help creatives around the world tell stories that resonate. Whether it’s making dialogue crystal clear or creating entire audio environments from scratch, we erase the edges of the screen to draw audiences into a story and immerse them in a world. Our team is obsessed with the nuance of sound. From the subtlety of a door squeak to the gut punch of an explosion, we remove the barrier of disbelief.

We specialize in natural, abstract, and hybrid sound design; and we're experts in mixing for any of the hundreds of delivery requirements, including 5.1. You’ll hear our work at major film festivals, on broadcast television, in blockbuster video games and trailers, and, of course, all over the Internet.